Learn the Strategies of Smart for
         Socializing Business and Personal Success

The old adage - “It’s not what you know, but whom you know” certainly
rings true for those of us whose job entails attending social business
functions. Working a room is a risk and can be very intimidating.  The
idea of walking into an enormous ballroom with hundreds of strangers all
of whom seem to know one another, can fill even the most stalwart of us
with fear and anxiety.  Attending a party with strangers is the number
one social fear, according to a study on social anxiety reported some
years ago in the
New York Times.  Most people would rather speak in
public than attend an event with people they don’t know.

However, such an activity can be tremendously rewarding, on both a
personal and a professional level, and is a requirement in most
management positions, particularly those in the professional services,
sales, marketing, and communications.

There are many wonderful benefits of being able to work a room with
ease and grace:

• You can make invaluable business contacts, as well as start new
friendships that may last your whole life.
• It can be an ideal opportunity to cement relationships with
customers/clients or correct misconceptions and problems that may
have arisen in the relationship.  It is often easier to do this over a
cocktail than in your customer’s boardroom!
• It often provides an excellent opportunity to gain market knowledge
and “inside” information, as well as identify new market territories and
key players.
• You feel better about yourself and more motivated in your work.
• You make others feel more comfortable, which makes them want to do
business with you - an invaluable commodity in those businesses where
“chemistry” counts.
• You can become a powerful ambassador for your own organization,
often opening doors to promotion and career growth.
• You can increase your ‘social capital’ – a most valuable asset in today’
s networked society

If you understand the benefits of smart socializing and are convinced
that this is a key management skill, then you may want to attend this fun
and informative workshop which has been specially created by
Croft, international public speaker and seminar leader

This three-hour program, which includes a cocktail reception where you
actually get a chance to work the room, is for anyone who has to attend
conventions, business receptions, fundraisers, professional dinners,
hospitality functions, reunions, political gatherings, and out-of-office
client/customer events.  It is about understanding what prevents us from
approaching such events with ease and enthusiasm, and what we can
do to make them comfortable, profitable and fun.  It focuses on the
techniques required to work every room we enter, and to reap the
benefits - both personal and professional.


This fast-paced and fun workshop will cover the following areas:

• The eight key points which the best talkers have in common
• Planing your presence at the event
• Your 10-second ‘sound bite’
• The best ice breakers
• The keys to lively conversation
• The rules of etiquette and good manners
• Handling food and drink
• Remembering people’s names
• Overcoming faux-pas’
• Body language and the hidden signals
• Graceful entrances and exits
• Effective follow-up
• And much more!

The workshop can be customized to your organization’s specific needs
and can be conducted on a small or large group basis (10-70 people).  
Ideally, the program should include a lunch, dinner or cocktail reception,
in which participants will be asked to work the room according to a
specific formula, followed by constructive feedback and debriefing with
the trainer.

For our How to Work a Room ‘graduates’ ASC has developed an
advanced version of the program!  Click
here to learn more:

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