Susan Croft has authored 2 business books:  "WIN NEW BUSINESS - The Desktop Guide" and
"MANAGING CORPORATE REPUTATION" (co-authored with John Dalton).

Both publications are available in the UK and the USA and "Win New Business" has also been
translated into Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.

To order your copies or obtain more information:

Win New Business – the desktop guide
By Susan Croft
£16.99 € paperback € 1 85418 290 0
£49.99 € ringbound € 1 85418 295 1

In the race for new business, there are no prizes for coming second - after all, it's a winner's world
A major new book on how to develop business by a professional with extensive experience of both
Europe and the USA. Packed with innovative ways of generating leads, here is a practical source
of advice and techniques for winning new business from both new and existing customers. it
provides the essential skills for:
€ analysing customer needs and building relationships
€ understanding the psychology of selling
€ writing successful proposals and making outstanding presentations
€ pushing through to win

Desktop guides are a practical source of reference, guidance, techniques and best practice. They
contain an abundance of checklists, charts, do's and don'ts, summaries and special tips.

"Packed with useful information and should be essential reading for anyone in business
Gloria Vergari, CEO, Norstar Biomagnetics Ltd

"This should be on every business owner's bookshelf!"
Patricia Nameishi, CEO, Marketing Concepts Asia

"... has an excellent and logical structure with a clear and cogent writing style. It is a thorough
primer for people in sales and business development and I commend it as such."
John Dalton, Director, London School of Public Relations

€ Know yourself and your competition
€ Generating leads: How to create the customers you want (contributed by Allyson Stewart-Allen,
International Marketing Partners)
€ Lead qualificaton
€ Working the sales cycle and managing your leads
€ The psychology of selling
€ Consultative selling
€ Writing winning proposals
€ Winning the business beauty parade by making effective presentations
€ Closing the business
€ From the customer's viewpoint

Managing Corporate Reputation
By John Dalton & Susan Croft
£129 € Report € 1 85418

'You cannot ignore that corporations are under the microscope as never before."
It's not surprising that reputation has moved to the centre of strategic thinking. but how many
companies know how to manage or measure it - let alone have a reputation strategy? Far too few.
Now this expert, readable and practical report puts that right.

The dynamics of corporate reputation...
... and the factors governing is are complex. Will an ethical stance lead to grown of reputation
capital? Will that result in improved financial performance? What are the issues that can impact
most on reputation, and how best to minimise risk? These are just some of the topics addressed
by this report.

Factors that have focused on fiercer spotlight on reputation
- corporate scandals exposed in the media
- pressure from NGOs
- corporate governance issues
- globalisation and increased competition
- trade liberalisation and increasing competition

This report shows you how to:
- develop PR, brands and relationship management as the vanguards of your corporate reputation
- strengthen your internal as well as external communications
- improve the effective management of your stakeholders
- build trust in the corporation at a time of failing confidence and increasing media pressure

1 The origin of reputation
2 Stakeholders
3 Internal communications and corporate reputation
4 Brands: the glue of reputation
5 The tools of corporate reputation: integrated marketing communications (IMC)
6 Corporate social responsibility and ethics
7 Strategy, planning and measurement
8 Risk, issues and crisis management
9 e-marketing and reputation management
10 Case studies and essays

"Reputation counts now more than ever for businesses.  This book turns theory into practical
applications in a real world setting.  If you're looking for a disciplined roadmap of managing
reputation, you have found the right book. The content is timely and highly useful."
Bill Margaritis, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Communications & Investor Relations, FedEx Corp.
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