Aims of the Seminar:

The program provides a framework for understanding the whole process of creativity and how it can be applied in the
workplace.  We identify the key components of creative thought and the importance of focusing the process on the
achievement of specific objectives.

Participants learn proven methods for facilitating group brainstorming sessions, as well as techniques for tapping into their
own creative potential.

The seminar is highly practical and written exercises reinforce all its main points.  Particular emphasis is placed on
developing abilities to apply the key principles of creativity, particularly in unfamiliar work situations.

The program is divided into four modules:

•  Understanding the nature of creativity
•  Organizing brainstorming sessions
•  Creativity in planning
•  Harnessing creativity to achieve business goals

What you get:

•  A relevant, practical creativity course
•  A clear framework for applying creative thinking in your work
•  Proven methods for integrating creative problem solving into planning
•  A comprehensive creativity manual
•  Simple guidelines for managing the process of creativity
•  Practical techniques for facilitating brainstorming sessions
•  A professional, disciplined and focused approach to creativity
•  A lot of fun and a valuable learning experience!

This workshop is particularly valuable to those in marketing, public relations, communications, business development and
non-profit.  It will also be helpful to any business manager seeking ways to improve productivity.

Half-day or one evening
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