This highly practical and intensive 2-day seminar will prepare you in all aspects
of winning new business from new and existing clients, with a particular
emphasis on effectively working the sales cycle and using consultative selling
techniques.  The seminar will also focus on maintaining good client/customer
relationships once the business has been won and developing customers as
long-term partners.  It will provide practical guidance and techniques to help
you win more business, more speedily and, most importantly, from the clients
and customers you want to work with.

The seminar leader uses a variety of training tools including, video, case
studies, individual exercise, group assignments, role-play and discussion to
keep the program dynamic and to enforce the learning points.

This seminar is particularly valuable to business development and marketing
managers, as well as the small/medium size business owner.  
It is equally applicable to those working in the public, non-profit and commercial

10 things you will learn from attending:

1.  What your unique selling points are and how to use these as a business
development tool
2.  The best ways to create share of mind and market profile for your company
3.  An understanding of how the sales cycle works and how to make it work to
your advantage
4.  Knowing when to walk away from the business
5.  How to use psychology to win hearts and minds and build long term
6.  The key elements of consultative selling
7.  How to write an effective new business proposal
8.  The key techniques of presenting effectively
9.  How to use relationship marketing to create customers as partners
10.How to improve your new business ‘hit’ rate


MODULE ONE: Laying the Groundwork

Know your business and your competition:

•  What business are we in?
•  What are our unique selling points?
•  Who is our competition?
•  Conduct a SWOT analysis

Creating Company Visibility and Profile

•  Making friends and influencing people
•  Effective PR techniques
•  Creating share of mind
Raising your voice above the noise level
-  Creating clear and compelling messages
-  Working with the press

MODULE TWO: Working the Sales Cycle

Qualifying leads:

•  Analyzing customer needs and expectations
•  Rating the lead
•  Balancing risk versus opportunity
•  The sales funnel
•  When and how to walk away
•  Selecting and motivating your pitch team

The Sales Cycle

•  How the cycle works
•  Ensuring that point of customer entry is working effectively
•  Identify your buyers
•  Building relationships
•  Taking a brief from a potential customer and conducting the first meetings
•  Research and how to use it

The Psychology of Selling

•  People buy people
•  What it feels like to be your prospect
•  Behavior and communication styles
•  Men and women in the workplace – gender and communication
•  Developing effective interpersonal skills

MODULE THREE: How to Work a Room

•  Winning hearts and minds outside the traditional office environment
•  Smart socializing for business success
•  Key tips and techniques for effectively handling cocktail parties, client
dinners, and special social events with prospects, customers and others

Cocktail reception and networking


MODULE FOUR: Getting Them to Yes

Consultative selling:

•  Key elements of consultative selling
•  Building partnerships
•  Managing expectations and anticipating problems
•  How customers choose
•  Understanding the buying process

Writing Winning Proposals

•  Types of proposals
•  Style and structure
•  Key elements of a proposal
•  Avoiding common pitfalls
•  Countdown to submission

The Business Beauty Parade – Making successful presentations

•  Preparation
•  On stage – tips for effective presenting
•  Body language
•  Listening skills
•  Dress and demeanor
•  Driving your agenda
•  Overcoming objections
•  Handling questions
•  Team presenting
•  Asking for the business
•  Follow-up

Getting Them to Yes

•  Effective negotiation skills
•  Overcoming the final barriers
•  Closing techniques

MODULE FIVE: Building long term relationships after the contract

•  Relationship marketing
•  Building long-term partnerships with your customers
•  Overcoming problems
•  Value-added services
•  Customer referrals

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